Freedom Center City


Philadelphia Film Center
1412 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19101

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Service Times

Sunday 9:30 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM


(267) 457-5310

Freedom Merchantville


113 N Centre St

Merchantville, NJ 08109

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Service Times

Sunday 10:00 AM


(267) 457-5310


Below are some helpful resources for use in a small group context. The sermon-based discussion guides follow our current and most recent sermon series.

2022 EN Prayer and Fasting Guide

Prayer and Fasting Guide

2022 Freedom Church Prayer Points

Small Group Booklets

Lordship Booklet (pdf)

Discipleship Booklet (pdf)

Leadership Booklet (pdf)

Introduction to the Bible (pdf)

Finding Freedom (pdf)

Sermon-based Discussion Guides

Cooperating with the Holy Spirit (Guide)

The Holy Spirit Is Our "How" (Guide)

The Homecoming (Guide)

Next Gen Sunday (Guide)

Getting Out of the Crazy Cycle (Guide)

Joshua Generation (Guide)

Growing Up (Guide)

Lead Into Tomorrow (Guide)

Your Story Can Change (Guide)

Get Ready (Guide)

Be Strong and Courageous (Guide)

Vision Sunday (Guide)

Life for Everyone (Guide)

Victims and Villains (Guide)

A Wonder in the Wilderness (Guide)

Exposing the Enemies of the Heart (Guide)

Spirit-filled Work (Guide)

Love Never Fails (Guide)

Does Faith Matter? (Guide)

Rebuilding Hope (Guide)

God of the Hills and Valleys (Guide)

Life and Death (Guide)

Responding to God (Guide)

I Am Not Ashamed (Guide)

What's the Problem? (Guide)

Made for More (Guide)

Just Do It (Guide)

Who's In Your Head? (Guide)

Now I See (Guide)

Don't Worry About Tomorrow (Guide)

Where's Your Treasure? (Guide)

Recovering Your Lifeline (Guide)

Sex and Marriage (Guide)

Image vs Substance (Guide)

The Priority of Relationships (Guide)

Finding Solid Ground (Guide)

The Blessed Life (Guide)

Celebration (Guide)

Presence (Guide)

Worship (Guide)

The Necessity of Prayer (Guide)

The Grace of God (Guide)

The Word of God (Guide)

The Name of Jesus (Guide)

The Power of the Cross (Guide)

Made to Multiply (Guide)

Made for Ministry (Guide)

Made for Growth (Guide)

Made for People (Guide)

Made for God (Guide)

The Questions Before the Question (Guide)

The Power of Intergenerational Relationships (Guide)

Getting Out of the Cave (Guide)

Spiritual Warfare (Guide)

Living In a Drought (Guide)

Faith That Changes (Guide)

Faith Isn't Safe (Guide)

Real Faith (Guide)

Saved by Faith (Guide)

The God of Faith (Guide)

All Things Are Possible (Guide)

Faith Under Fire (Guide)

Faith for Others (Guide)

What Do You Believe? (Guide)

Moving Forward in Power (Guide)

Rebuilding Your Confidence (Guide)

The Mission Has a Cost (Guide)

We Are Better Together (Guide)

Nothing to Prove, Something to Give (Guide)

God Hears Our Prayers (Guide)

We Have the Holy Spirit (Guide)

We Have a Mission (Guide)

What's the Problem with Religion? (Guide)

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? (Guide)

Are the Gospels Reliable? (Guide)

What About Science? (Guide)

What Is Truth?

Dependence on God (Guide)

Finding Grace (Guide)

Own It (Guide)

Be Humble (Guide)

Be Brave (Guide)

Inside Out (Guide)

God Will Dwell With You (Guide)

God Will Build a House for You (Guide)

God Will Fight for You (Guide)

God Will Provide for You (Guide)

Unexpected Christmas - God (Guide)

Unexpected Christmas - Mary (Guide)

Unexpected Christmas - Joseph (Guide)

Sow the Future (Guide)

See the Future (Guide)

Start the Future (Guide)

The Power of the Gospel (Guide)

Culture Shift (Guide)

Can You See What I'm Saying (Guide)

The Key to Catalytic Change (Guide)

Simon Says, Jesus Says (Guide)

Get Close and Listen (Guide)

No One but the Truth (Guide)

Jesus Is My Song (Guide)

The Voices and the Word (Guide)

The Composition (Guide)

Victory Over Evil (Guide)

Hope Over Disillusionment (Guide)

Faith Over Fear (Guide)

2020 Prayer Points

Freedom Church 2020 Prayer Points